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Manage your drops
Filter your drops by type or search for one in the list. Save drops locally on your phone, rename, copy links or trash them. A preview is displayed when you click on a image in your drops' list.
Share easily
AndroCloud is integrated in your phone. From any application you can share what you want thanks to the 'share' button. The link can be copied in your clipboard after the upload.
Upload any file
AndroCloud can upload any kind of file without restrictions. Just use the share button from any application or click on 'add file' on the left panel of AndroCloud.
Trash & Restore
You can manage your trashed drops and restore them if needed. When you click on the 'bin' icon of a drop, it is sent to the trash. Click on the left menu > Trash to access it.
Lots of handy customizations are available. You can choose the to open or copy the link after an upload, you can customize the destination folder when downloading a drop and much more ...
No ads & free !
The application is free and there is no ads. The source code can be found at github.com
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